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Chubby Chubbs Face Cream

  • ₱725.00

When baby first enters the world, there is so much for the little one’s body to adjust and adapt. With skin thinner than adults and having more skin for their body compared to adults, baby’s skin is also more prone to moisture loss.

For babies, the face is one of the most exposed parts and everyone loves to touch those kissable cheeks! Give baby a helping hand with Chubby Chubbs Face Cream. Brought to you by Buds Organics, the experts in certified organic baby skincare, this luxurious yet ultra-mild cream is designed to protect baby's delicate face.

Packed with specially selected prebiotics, natural and organic actives and plant oils, this cream hydrates deeply and nourishes the more delicate and sensitive part of the face, ensuring that baby gets the best protection.

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